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To offer a product that is better than the competition at a price that is lower than the competition.

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Small Batch Roasted Coffee

We don’t roast in large industrialized settings. We have our coffee roasted in small batches.  This maintains high roasting quality and makes the beans exotic natural flavors explode during the brewing process.

Couple enjoying coffee on bench

Why Choose Us?

First off, we have the best roasted coffee.

We offer a line of premium coffees that are roasted to perfection.  Smooth, and flavorful at an affordable price.

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Coffee Made By Cops

There is no other coffee company in America like ours. We are up early getting your coffee ready for delivery, grinding, bagging, boxing, answering emails and meeting the public to spread the word of our one of a kind business.

About mid-day, we gear up for our second jobs.  We throw on our uniforms and protect our communities from those that wish to do us harm.  We also respond to help those citizens that are struggling and in need of assistance.  

You can help support police like us, by purchasing our coffee.  Portions of sales go toward law enforcement.  See our “About” tab to learn more and purchase some great coffee for a great cause.