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About Falls Coffee Company

What got us started?

Our employees love coffee.  We found that the coffee business has put their customers last and profits first.  We also found that numerous coffee companies used low quality Arabica bean coffee, or acidic, harsh tasting cheap Robusta coffee to maximize profits.  While they claim their coffee is premium, it is anything but.  You know this as well.

We felt we could do better.  Falls Coffee Company took on the challenge of only offering the highest quality, 100% premium Arabica coffee beans. We refuse to add in low quality Arabica or Robusta to our product. We then took the unorthodox step by refusing to offer our coffee at high prices.

This means that you, as our valued customer, will ONLY get the best tasting, smooth sipping, low acidic coffee we can find.  This also means you will be paying a lower price which we can all agree is a win win.

We know as the word gets out, you and other customers will only buy from us.  Together, we can grow and experience new amazing coffees together.

Welcome to a new, exciting and refreshing way to purchase and enjoy your coffee!

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