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About Falls Coffee Company

What got us started?

Falls Coffee Company was founded by professionals who currently work in the law enforcement community.  We work long hours during the day and night, and on weekends and holidays, giving up special moments with our families to be available for Americans at any moment they need help.  During those long hours, there has always been one comforting drink that we could depend on to pick us up. Coffee. 

Americans love their coffee.  It has been with us since the founding of our country.  It is the medium that can bring anyone together to share a moment of pleasant conversation, warm a cold body, or keep us going when the days gets long.  When we are not busy protecting you and the community, we work on getting you the best roasted coffee we can.

We at Falls Coffee Company recognize that our police and their families need support.  While it is true that there is immediate support upon a line of duty death, a duty disability, or a mental health issue.  This support soon becomes scarce while the loss of a loved one, disability, or mental health issue remains and continues to be a problem.  Like our military vetrans, our police suffer the same psychological problems, and injuries, and need additional support..  

Falls Coffee Company not only wants to support those active duty officers, but we also want to support those that retired due two various disabilities.  We pledge to offer a portion of our proceeds to support our police and assist those that are in need of help through programs such as The Wounded Blue and Concerns for Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).  Your purchase of our coffee will help support our police and these foundations.

We are all in this together, take care and be safe.

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