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Why Choose Falls Coffee Company?

Coffee Roaster Smelling Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Americans have traditionally enjoyed darker roasted coffee, and after some research, it becomes clear that it was for a good reason. In earlier times, coffee beans were grown without much thought in regards to taste quality and instead, like so many other industries at the time, the growing practices were geared more for production and quantity.

What this meant was most of the coffee crop that was being produced did not have much of any natural flavor in the bean. In an effort to hide the dull and bland flavors, Coffee houses roasted those beans to a much darker color.  The result was a dark and robust coffee with no flavor served with a side of ash or even a burnt taste.

Recently, coffee growers took another look at how they grew beans.  They became more conscious of the importance of the bean’s natural flavors and began the process to improve their growing practices now aimed at producing a better-quality bean.   This in turn lead to a new crop of coffee beans with very unique natural flavors based on where in the world it was grown and how it was grown.

With growers producing a better, more flavorful bean, coffee houses no longer needed to hide the dull, bland flavors behind dark roasts.  Instead, they began roasting beans to a light or medium roast, and discovered that this process would bring out the natural flavors that were now found within the new coffee crops.  Coffee drinkers now enjoyed light crisp tastes that ranged in flavor from a light lemon citrus, dried fruit, and nutty or barley notes, down to warm chocolate, molasses, or even caramel flavors.

What does this mean for you? Well, we could not be living in a better time for drinking coffee!  With so many new flavors based on where and how beans are grown, enjoying a single blend bean has never tasted so good.  Coffee blends are being produced in a way that combes different types of beans and their own flavors to make a unique coffee blend of its own. We are now able to enjoy an endless variety delicious, flavorful and smooth coffee drinks that were completely unavailable in a not so distant past.

Here at Falls Coffee Company, we are introducing the every-day coffee drinker, or, soon to be coffee aficionado, to seven high-quality coffees.  The roasts range from light-medium, medium and dark roasts to start you out on this journey.  As our company grows, we will introduce new beans and blends to allow us to continue exploring while coming together to enjoy this new revolution in coffee drinking. Sit back, relax, and prepare for an entirely new coffee drinking experience.

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