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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to all our most commonly asked questions. 

Coffee Roasting Company Employees Filling Online Coffee Bean Orders

Yes!  Falls Coffee Company employees are all currently active law enforcement officers or hold civilian jobs in law enforcement.

We support all law-abiding Americans, no matter what their job is, in each and every corner of this great Country.   We know how many good people there are that are trying to make a positive difference each day they work.  We decided to support those thousands of professional law-abiding officers who work in this Country.  They continue to work every day following and upholding the law to protect people and property, while maintaining peace and order in each community they work in.

A portion of our proceeds will go to law enforcement officers that are in need of help.  This help goes to those suffering from range from post-traumatic stress related symptoms. We provide assistance to law enforcement families whose loved ones were injured or died in the line of duty, and who suffer from economical setbacks as a result.  We also support those police officers and their departments that are making a positive difference in the communities.

Falls Coffee Company is internet based only at this time.

Please be patient! Every employee at Falls Coffee Company is a full time Law Enforcement Officer or a civilian employee at a law enforcement agency.  When we wrap up the day on the streets, we start our second job which is to get your hands on some great tasting coffee and answering any emails we receive.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches so that it isn’t getting old, and losing flavor by sitting on shelves waiting for your purchase.  That coupled with our staffing fighting crime on a daily level means your order will be processed and shipped as fast as possible. We are a small company so please grant us a little leeway with your orders, but keep in mind you can’t rush a delicious tasting cup of coffee. Your order will be shipped to you as fast as possible, that we can promise.

In the early beginnings of American policing, it was volunteers from the community that first went out at night to watch for any trouble. They alerted their neighbors with a “Hue and Cry” calling for help in apprehending a criminal. Modern policing is still very much a community-oriented profession. We need our citizens to help us be extra sets of eyes and ears, and to call the police when they see trouble. For Law Enforcement to forget where we started, would mean that policing would no longer be able to be effective in fighting crime. Because the community is such an important component to policing, we named our company after the community we founded our business in, Menomonee Falls, WI.

Customer service is very important to us.  Please see our contact page for further details.

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