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Ethiopian Light Roast

Ethiopian Light Roast

(2 customer reviews)

12 oz

When you ask a person who truly enjoys coffee, what kind of coffee they like to drink, they will probably tell you Ethiopian.  The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian beans are sweet and full of fruity and chocolate notes, making it the most sweet and floral light body coffee in the world.  Roasting them on the light side preserves their unique characteristics and brings out the sweet and chocolatey flavor profiles.  Don’t let the lighter shade of coffee fool you, Ethiopian coffee does offer a little more caffeine than other coffee roasts.


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 8 in

Whole Beans, Ground

2 reviews for Ethiopian Light Roast

  1. Walker

    Long Story Short: Best Coffee I have EVER had.

    Long Story Long: I drink coffee every day. I have a big 24 oz mug every morning to start my day. I enjoy coffee, all kinds. I generally avoid caffeine in the afternoons and evenings though, because it will keep me up at night, and the last thing any cop needs is another barrier to good sleep. In my experience, coffee quality is generally correlate to coffee cost. When it comes to my morning cup, I generally go with the cheap stuff off the shelf from the grocery store, brew it strong, and choke it down with my breakfast. It is not something I savor.
    One evening, at work, I found myself more tired than usual and turned my attention to some samples from Falls Coffee Co we had in the office. I decided, a little coffee wouldn’t hurt to get me through the rest of the shift. I tossed one of the packets of Ethiopian into Mr. Coffee and let it run. When I first opened the packet, I felt like I was in a cheesy 90’s Folger’s commercial because the aroma of the freshly opened grounds was almost intoxicating. I’ve never described the smell of a coffee as “delicious,” but This stuff absolutely was, and I couldn’t stop breathing it in.
    I’ve always felt like, no matter how good dry coffee smelled, the coffee running through the pot never stacks up, never smells as good. This was not the case today. I had walked away from the break room, but when I smelled the brewing coffee, I practically levitated and floated toward the coffee pot like a cartoon character towards a cooling pie. Cue pouring the first cup. I was surprised by the color, an almost red or rusty amber as it spilled into the cup. This was startling, but in an appetizing way. I was definitely intrigued. I carried it back to my desk, sniffing the mug the whole way, and after impatiently waiting 5 or so minutes for it to cool off enough to not melt my taste buds I finally took my first tentative sip.
    WOW! Most coffee, even quality coffee, hits the mouth with a consistency of hot brown water. This coffee, on the other hand, has BODY! It was silky, and smooth, almost thick. It quite literally shocked me! And the taste!?! After the amazing smells, I was not disappointed.
    I can literally and honestly say that this is the best cup of coffee I have ever had, and this is not an exaggeration. I would not have written a review for a coffee that was just “very good.” Falls Coffee Company, to put it simply, is exquisite.

  2. B Bieds

    Coffee is amazing. Great flavor. Ordered another bag and it was personally delivered. I would highly recommend. Thanks again, you’ve earned my business for good!

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