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Ethiopian Light Roast

(1 customer review)

12 oz

When you ask a person who truly enjoys coffee, what kind of coffee they like to drink, they will probably tell you Ethiopian.  The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian beans are sweet and full of fruity and chocolate notes, making it the most sweet and floral light body coffee in the world.  Roasting them on the light side preserves their unique characteristics and brings out the sweet and chocolatey flavor profiles.  Don’t let the lighter shade of coffee fool you, Ethiopian coffee does offer a little more caffeine than other coffee roasts.


Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 8 in

Whole Beans, Ground

1 review for Ethiopian Light Roast

  1. B Bieds

    Coffee is amazing. Great flavor. Ordered another bag and it was personally delivered. I would highly recommend. Thanks again, you’ve earned my business for good!

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